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World Tourism Day , celebrated every September 27 around the world, is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on tourism’s actual and potential contribution to sustainable development. The aim of the celebration is to cultivate and create awareness among the public of the significance of tourism. This year’s celebration will be held in Gulu under the theme of ‘Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future For All.’ 

The month of September is packed with activities aimed at engaging the tourism fraternity on various developments in the industry. Below is the list of activities that will happen leading up to #WorldTourismDayUG19.

  • Tourism Dinner Sept 13
  • Tourism Games Sept 15
  • Tourism Thematic Conference Sept 17
  • Tourism Sector Review Sept 18
  • CEO Media Breakfast Sept 19
  • Tourism Night Sept 20
  • Departure for Northern Uganda for the Advance team Sept 23
  • Kampala Students Tourism Conference Sept 24
  • Miss Tourism Sept 24
  • Clean City Campaign Sept 25
  • Training of Regional Tourism Officers Sept 25
  • Bicycle and Motor Rally Sept 25
  • Tourism Regional Conference Sept 26
  • Departure for Northern Uganda for Others Sept 26
  • Tulambule North Sept 28-29

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